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Dating is hard. Online dating can seem even harder – but once you’ve mastered it, it can be good, clean and fun, too. That’s why we’ve put together this list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have a question, simply contact us.

Free Registration

Free Registration of your own profile is not a N2MU member. You must Join the N2MU membership to take full advantage of our services.

N2MU Membership

Registration to be a member to receive verified contacts and at the end of the dating event you will receive member benefits to assist you in your search for love.

Privacy Settings

We believe that your love life is just that. Yours. Privacy Settings let you decide exactly who sees what, by controlling the visibility of your profile.


Creating and posting a profile is free and takes only a few minutes. Think of it as a quick sketch of who you this is the place to put it. Trust us, there’s someone out there for you – just be yourself. Once your profile is complete, we’ll review it and post it on the site within 36 hours.

Making a contact

All registered members with a verified profile will have access to contact their date in their dashboard.


We believe you will have fun and meet your date takes time, our service membership service is non-refundable.You may try our service using our free registration service.

Events Dating

Events dating is open to registered members and payed members however benefit of payed members we have after event service to help you get the date you like.

Account Cancellation

To completely deactivate your account, simply go to your dashboard and send us email under contact us.

Romance Dating

We have tour groups for singles where they can join our fun activities special designed for singles matchmaking. Make sure you have visa before attending the tour.

Free Members

Free members can join our matching events without becoming a N2MU member however to receive positive results with our members you should apply for a membership because thats what our members trust dating services.

Membership Payment Activation

Once you have completed payment, we will receive your order and process your membership so you can start receiving some serious singles for dating.

Profile Dating

You will need to be a standard or premium member to access profile dating.

No, we only provide your profile to our members after we have review both profile and it’s a match.

Yes, please contact us for information, if you just wish to use our premium matching services.